The Northeast US is the hotbed for MMA talent and KTFO has the best up and coming MMA talent in the world. Relive all the action of KTFO 12. Watch the future superstars of the sport coming from the same Long Island gyms as UFC stars Chris Weidman, Matt Serra, Aljamain Sterling, Dennis Bermudez and Ryan LaFlare.

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Jonathan Gruber Heavyweight Title Brett Sanchez
Record: 1-0  Height: 6’2″ Vs. Record: 4-0  Height: 6’2″
Regiment MMA Vamos BJJ


Ryan Castro Welterweights Title Tom Kern
Record: 3-2  Height: 5’6″ Vs. Record: 2-2-1  Height: 5’10”
East West MMA Bellmore Kickboxing


Luis Gonzalez Bantamweight Title Lee Rasanen
Record: 4-1 Height: 5’6″ Vs. Record: 1-0  Height:5’7″
East Coast United Top or Bottom MMA


Mike Merante Light Heavyweight Title Matt Semelsberger
Record: 2-1  Height: 5’10” Vs. Record: 3-1  Height: 6’1″
East West MMA Clinch Academy


John Gotti Catchweights – 180 Lbs. Cory Callender
Record: 2-1  Height: 5’10” Vs. Record: 1-2  Height: 5’8″
Panza MMA Vamos BJJ


David Michal Catchweights – 190 lbs. Issac Poteat
Record: 0-0  Height: 6’0″ Vs. Record: 0-0  Height: 5’11”
Omni Martial Arts Chok Sabri Gym

Amanda Brundige Women’s Bantamweights – 135 lbs Rose DeMatteo
Record: 1-2  Height: 5’10” Vs. Record: 0-0  Height: 5’3″
Team Tigon Kioto BJJ
Christian Acerbo Catchweights – 160 lbs Roan Allen
Record: 1-0  Height: 5’6″ Vs. Record: 0-1  Height: 5’8″
St. James, NY Alpha Boys


Irvin Averbukh Bantamweights – 135 lbs Jamal Sharifi
Record: 0-0  Height: 5’6″ Vs. Record: 0-0  Height: 5’5″
UFC Gym Nubreed Martial Arts


Noel Caban Middleweights – 185 lbs Ruslan Volinchii
Record: 0-0  Height: 5’10” Vs. Record: 0-0  Height: 6’0″
New York, NY Astra Fitness